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Mevaluate Holding Ltd (Ireland) was established in 2013.

Among its members it includes more than 20 professionals and managers, plus a software house. The Holding controls Mevaluate Regional firms and holds intellectual property rights over the “Mevaluate System” computer algorithms.


The goal of the Holding is the development of the necessary infrastructure in order to launch Mevaluate in the whole world.


To date, the Company has achieved its objectives both in terms of the necessary alliances for the diffusion of the service, and for the development of software for the sophisticated algorithm the rating will be based on, and also for a worldwide intellectual property protection.


Mevaluate's revolution is ready to start now.

ODG - Occupazione Digitale Giovani, is an Italian project Mevaluate is partnering with.

Selected by Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale - Impresa Sociale with the objective to improve working condition for women whose age is between 19 and 50.

They will be trained to become the "professionals of the true reputation" inside the APART professional association.

Selections will close on the 15th of March 2024, only 214 places are available. Find out more at

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