Reputation is a fact, not an opinion.

Measuring the immeasurable.

Internet and globalization make information on natural and legal persons both necessary and more difficult to attain.ᅠ Fabricated reputational profiles and reputational engineering increase the problem, by creating fake digital identities.

How can I get to know the actual reputation of the person or the company I’m dealing with and avoid putting my trust in undeserving individuals or groups, therefore suffering undue damages?

Being sure about someone’s reputation seems impossible. This represents significant barriers to business relationships and a real risk in social relations.

Thanks to its proprietary rating, Mevaluate measures and gives a value to the real reputation of individuals, companies and institutions, identifying the exact degree of trust that can be accorded to them.


Finally, reputation becomes a new asset.ᅠ For all and forever.


ODG - Occupazione Digitale Giovani, is an Italian project Mevaluate is partnering with.

Selected by Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale - Impresa Sociale with the objective to improve working condition for women whose age is between 19 and 50.

They will be trained to become the "professionals of the true reputation" inside the APART professional association.

Selections will close on the 15th of March 2024, only 214 places are available. Find out more at

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