Reputation is not a label on a dress.


Mevaluate contributes to creating a better, healthier, more prosperous world, and to creating more stable and secure personal and business relationships, where one’s capabilities, intellect and spirituality are recognized and valued and where we are safeguarded from criminals and unskilled individuals or companies/institutions, improving prevention and safety.



Measuring Reputation and transforming it from a subjective perception into an objective element – hence in a new asset for all and forever – so that the degree of trust bestowed on individuals, businesses and institutions can be easily identified and converted into a documented Reputational Rating.



Legal. The Mevaluate System helps eradicate the practice of “reputational engineering”. It helps companies optimize their compliance systems in order to prevent corporate crimes. It prevents corruption, money laundering and criminal infiltration. It uncovers false reputations and those who declare falsities in order to obtain personal or professional benefits, thus protecting the community from incompetents and ill-intentioned.

Meritocratic. The Mevaluate system helps to disseminate a culture of evaluation based on legality, quality and meritocracy, and prevents selecting unworthy individuals, businesses or institutions.

Objective. “Spoken words fly away, written words remain” (Latin proverb): the Mevaluate system is objective because it relies exclusively on documents, leaving no room for gossip.

Democratic. The Mevaluate System is democratic because: it avails itself of widespread public control, it ensures the right of reply through documented evidence, and it protects those in the weakest social classes by guaranteeing access to its services.

Universal. The Mevaluate System is universal and applicable worldwide thanks to the Code of Universal Reputation and the work of the Worldwide Ethics Committee (which is comprised of various members with academic, institutional and professional backgrounds).


Vision, mission & values

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